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Snapseed application – Hello friends, my name is Rajan and in this article today I will tell about snapseed application.
This is a photo editing application. With which we apply many types of digital filters in our editing. This application is available in both Android and ios. You can use it in anyone. This application was created by Nikosoft in 2011 but is now handled by Google.

Snapseed has very good features. In this, you can also import your photo into a raw file, for good editing. You can also resize your photo. It has 29 tools and filters. Such as – hdr, healing brush, tune image, selective etc.


 Snapseed Tools :-

Tune image :-
Through this tool you can adjust color automatically or manually.

Detail :-
our photos have a magic surface structure.

With the help of crops we can resize or set our photos according to our needs.

Rotate :-
we can set our photos in horizontal or vertical.

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Curve tool :-
we can change the color of the background of the incoming photo and do color grading.

White balance :-
help of this tool we can make the natural look in our photo according to our need.

Brushes :-
Different types of brushes are given in this tool, which you can do in editing like dose and burn exposure, tem, selective, brushes etc.

Selective tool :-
selective tool, we can select any area from us and adjust its brightness, contrast and beauty,

Healing :-
you can remove the unwanted part of your photo. It is a very helpful tool

Hdr scape :-
In this, our photo by multiple Exposure gives a stunning look. It has 4 options. Nature, people, fine, strong by which Avesome editing has taken place.

Glamour glow :-
adjust the glow of your photo in Glamour Glow.



There are many more tools that I cannot fully describe in this article as it will be much longer. So if you want to know about it, you can watch it on our 2nd channel Rajan Editz lr. There will be many videos that you can learn by watching.

How to download snapseed application :-

To download the application, you have to click on the download link below, after which you will go directly to the Play Store. You can download it there.


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Snapseed application

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