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HomHello friends, how are you My name is Rajan and in this article today we will do home quarantine background editing. I was getting many comments and messages for such a creative and awesome concept. Then I have created this by applying some ideas. Which you can see how much creative editing is there. To do such editing you will need its background and png. To download, you have to read this article completely. Below is how to download.

Home quarantine background :-

What happens in this is that if any person becomes corona, then that person is kept in a separate room. Which can be called home quarantine. Do not allow that person to meet anyone, nor allow you to go out. They keep it closed. Inspired by this, we have created this concept. Which you must also edit and if you do, then share on our social network.


Download more hd background :-

If you want any kind of background, then scroll down to go. There you will find a category in which there will be a background of the background and you have to open it by clicking on it. Then there you will get to see all kinds of background. With that you can tap anyone and open and follow the download steps given in it.


How to edit home quarantine editing :-

Erase your background :-

The first thing is to erase the background of your photo and if you do not know how to erase, then you can visit our channel Rajan Editz. There will be a proper video on it.

Adjust all png and background :-

The background has to be added to picsart and then you have to adjust your erased photo. After that all pngs have to be adjusted. According to the video.


Lightroom preset :-

Finally, you have to add both the photo and the preset in the lightroom. The preset has to be downloaded first. Then the preset which is to be copied and paste the water on the photo.

Stocks Sample :-

Home quarantine background
Sell png
Home quarantine oxygen
Oxygen tank
Surface png
Surface png
Home quarantine pipe png
2nd png
Lens flares png

Warning :-

All these which are given png, background in the above, their picture quality is very low. If you download and use it, then your photo will be torn. Therefore, the below download step has to be done by following it.

How to download home quarantine background :-

To download you first have to click on the following link, then after that you will go to Google Drive. There you will find all the background png. Tap on any of them to open. Then you will see the download arrow at the top of that photo and click on it to download it.


Hope you like this article. And if you want to give us any suggestions, then you can tell by contacting us on the following comment section or on our social network.

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