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Ipl editing :-

Must have heard the name ipl. So in this article we are going to talk about creative editing as usual. Which you people will know that the IPL is about to start, then today we will be editing on the IPL editing concept, in which you will get all the background and png used, so that you can easily do it in your editing by doing it.


About Ipl editing :-

The Indian Premier League is the full form of the IPL. It consists of 20 overs games. 8 different teams play in 8 different cities. It was established by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in 2007. Some foreign players also join. It has two caps, Orange Cap and Purple Cap both. It is of different importance. Orange cap is given to the player who has the most runs in that season. Purple cap is given to the bowler who has the most wickets.

Follow this steps for Ipl editing :-

1. Remove your background :-

First of all, you have to remove the background of your photo. Friends, you can remove it, with picsart’s draw tool or any background eraser.

2. Add background in PicsArt :-

After that, add your background to picsart.  then go into tools and resize it. So that their quality is not spoiled.


3. Adjust all pngs :-

After adding your background to picsart, you have to add your erased photo to the background. And then the background png will be set according to the video.

4. Lightroom color adjustment :-

Export the photo from picsart. Then add it to the lightroom. In the lightroom, the lights, colors, effects, details have to be set, then you can export you photo.


Tips :-

While exporting the photo, the setting of lightroom should be File Type – Jpg, Dimension – Largest Available Dimension, Quality – 100%.

Stocks sample :-

Ipl editing png
Ipl editing background
Mumbai indian png
T shirt png
Rcb t shirt png
T shirt
Ipl logo png
Logo png

Warning :-

Do not download all these given photos, the picture quality of all is very poor. Follow the steps given below to download background  png in hd.

How to download ipl editing background  and png  :-

To download the background and png, click on the download link below. Which will give you a page of Google Drive. Where you will now find the background and png. Tap on any of them to open and then you will see the icon of the download in the top side. Click on it and download it.

Download Now

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