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Hello friends, in this article today, we will know how to do your own cricature editing. So if you also want to do your cricature editing, then you have to read this article completely. Only then you will know how the cricature editing is done. There are some backgrounds and pngs that you can download in a very easy way. Just you have to read this article completely so that you will get all the things clear how to do this editing and which application to apply.


About caricature editing :-

Friends, you must have seen cartoon movies and serials. In this article today, we have told how to make cricature photos of that type. This type of photo is very much liked on social networks like Instagram, so if you become such a photo then you must upload it from your social hand. Which may increase your fan following. And to do such editing, follow the steps given below to see how the edit is done and how to download the png.

Follow this steps for caricature editing :-

Open toon app :-

You people must have known about you and if you do not know, then you will get a proper video of it on our channel. We have to open your photo in this. Then you will make this automatic cartoon, then you have to export it with white background.


Add in any eraser :-

In any background eraser, you have to add the exported photos from the Toon application. After that, save the background by erasing it.

Add background in PicsArt :-

After that you will get some background. Of which you have to add any background. Then go to the add photo and add cricature and background erased cartoon foti there. In the end you have to go to the crop, there you will find a filter named sharpen. To go to the draw tool is to click on the three dots and save the photo.

Stocks sample :-

Caricature png
Caricature model png
Model png
Cricature Background

Warning :-

Please do not download any of the background and png given above. Their picture quality is very low. Due to which your editing will also be spoiled. Follow the steps given below to download png to hd background.

How to download background and png :-

To download background and png in HD, you have to click on the download button below and after that it will take you to Google Drive. There you will find all the background and png. In which you will have to click on one of the photos, then after the photo open bone you will find the download arrow in Saudi above. Click on it and download it.

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