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3d portrait editing :- Hello friends, how are you guys, hope you are having fun.  Friends, my name is Rajan and in today’s article I have brought for you 3d portrait editing.  This type of editing is very viral on Instagram.  If you also do such editing, then your chances of increasing your followers are more.  In this your photo is shown as 3D.  If you also want to do such editing, then you will need some background and png in it.  Which you can download by reading this article completely.

About 3d portrait :-

In this editing, we have taught that how you can make your normal photo into 3d portrait in picsart.  This editing is like a painting.  Or rather, it is of 3D painting type.  If you do such editing then you will get many followers and likes on Instagram.  Just like I have told here, just follow step by step.  Then your awesome photo will be ready.


How to edit 3d portrait :-

PicsArt :-

First of all add a white background to your picsart.  Then add the cut out of your photo on it.  You have to go to fx, there you will get the option of black and white in the color option, you have to select it.  Then he has to adjust according to his photo and save the photo.

Movie poster background

Background eraser :-

To add in any background eraser, saved photo from picsart.  Then remove the white background from it and save it.

Again open PicsArt :-

You have to add a background again in the picsart.  And then make some png and some adjustments to make the photo ready.  You can also do this process according to the video.

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Stock sample :-

3d white background
3d portrait background
Yellow portrait background
3d line png

Warning :-

These are all just to be seen, they are not to be downloaded, their pixels are very bad.  Follow the steps given below to download the background page in hd.

How to download 3d portrait :-

1. Click on the download link given below.
2. After that you will go to the drive page.
3.  All photos will be seen.
4. Tap to open on one side.
5. Then the download arrow will appear above the photos, click on it and download it.


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