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Hello Everyone Myself Rajan. And in this article today, I will teach you the glowing moon editing, in which a monkey will also be sitting on your shoulder. For this you will need its background png. So you can download that background png after following this article completely and follow the download steps given below.


About glowing moon editing :-

Today’s editing is Glowing Moon Editing or Glowing Moon and Monkey Concept Photo Editing. A very creative trick has taken place in this editing. You can follow the video and use it. And it has a monkey sitting on your shoulder which looks very attractive. This is from Monkey Aladdin Movie. So we thought let’s do something creative. Therefore the monkey is installed there. How did you like that monkey, please comment in the comment section.

How to edit glowing moon editing :-

Background erase :-

You should know that for any background change editing, your photo must have a background erase. And if you do not know this process then you will get a proper video on our channel Rajan Editz which you can download by following it.


Adjust background and png :-

After that in picsart you have to add your background. Then now PNG has to be set according to the background. If you can set then it is okay otherwise you can do it by following the video. After that you have to make the rim light. Which you can easily watch the video or you will get the video on top of it. You can do it by following it.

Lightroom :-

Since the lightroom is open, you have to import your photo. After that my friend you will also get the preset, also add it to the lightroom. Now you have to copy and paste that preset on top of your photo. Which will make your photo ready.

Stocks sample :-

Glowing moon editing png
Moon png
Glowing moon editing background
Box png
Box Png
Monkey png

Warning :-

Please do not download the preview images given above, their pixels are very low. Due to which your photo starts bursting after editing, or it gets blurred. Follow the steps given below to download the background in HD.

How to download :-

To download background png, click on the link given below. After that you will move to a new page (google drive). Background png will be found there now. If you have to tap on any one of them and open, then you will get to see the full photo.

Download Now

Watch on YouTube glowing moon editing :-

You can watch the video of this article on our YouTube channel Rajan Editz. No money is going to be made for that. Just you have to see the support, like the video and comment a little bit. That’s all you need to do.

Watch Now

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