15+ Shake Effect Preset

15+ Shake Effect Preset Alightmotion | Alight motion shake presets

Alight motion presets

So guys in today’s article 15+ Shake Effect Presets are going to cost you all. Which you can download and prepare a good status or reel video in your Alight motion. You have been told on our YouTube channel how to use it well. So you can download Aligat motion application from playstore.

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About alight motion :-

Alight Motion is a video editing application. In which you can do professional editing. And in that you can do status editing, reel editing and more. You have to download it from playstore and add your presets to it. How to use it has been told to you in the following paragraph

Project Features

– Transition presets
– Color grading presets
– Shake Effect presets

15+ Shake Effect Preset

How to use alight motion preset

First of all you have to download this preset, then you have to download it by following the below paragraph. After that you have to import it in Alight motion. Then you have to add your video as well. After that you have to go to the presets, there you have to go to the effect option, click on 3 dots. And copy the setting. After that you have to go to your video and go to the option with effect and on that you have to paste it. Your video here will be ready.

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How to download 15+ Shake Effect Preset :-

To download click on the blue download button given below. And after that you will go to the place of download. Then you have to download it and open the file, from there you have to share it directly in alight motion application. The project with just your preset will be added.

   download xml preset now

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