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Hello editor how are you all, hope you are doing well. Friends, today I am going to give this article to all of you. Matte tone preset that you can download and edit your photos in matte tones. You are going to get this preset for free, for that you have to follow the steps below. Only then will you be able to use this preset. If you have any problem then comment us and we will try our best to fix it.

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Background ,png ,luts download :-

If you need more lightroom presets, backgrounds, png, luts, then all of them will be found on our website. You have to first go to the category option for these, there you have to download G, you have to go to the option of that category. There you have been told everything how to use it or how to download it. Download Method You will get the same article and you have to download it by following it.

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Required :-

You need to have at least Android version 4 of Monile to use Lightroom Mobile.
After that his Ram should be 2 gum. This is a normal thing for today’s mobiles.
After that the latest version of Lightroom should be installed. Earlier the lightroom was only for brewing. But later Adobe made it a mobile version. Due to which the mobile user got a lot of help. And it’s great for those who don’t have a computer. You can do this in mobile.

Matte tone preset
Matte tone preset

How to use preset ;-

You have to download it to use it.
Then you have to add to your lightroom.
After that you have to open it.
Then you have to copy the setting.
And after that you have to paste it on your photo.
If it is not set well then you have to make adjustments.
Just you photo will be ready

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How to download Matte tone preset :-

To download you have to click on the download button given below. After that you will go to Google Drive. There you will get to see these presets. You have to open that preset and you will get the download button, on clicking which your download will start. and you can use it

   download preset now

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