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Hello friends how are you guys my name is Rajan and in today’s article I have brought Rain background. Friends, it is the rainy season now and my viewers were demanding that they also bring rain editing. viewers said and we did not bring that editing, it cannot happen. you want editing video on any concept, then you can tell by commenting on our YouTube channel. So if you want to do this editing, you will need its background and png, which you can download by following the download steps given below.


Basic requirements :-

Being an editor, I know how important is the role of background and png in any editing, if you also want this background, then you can download it by following the download steps given below.


About Rain background :-

Generally life is impossible without rain.  it doesn’t rain, there will be no water left on the earth. Sometimes it rains so much that there are floods. These things happen especially in Bihar. every year due to rain, the rivers increase and there is a lot of loss of life and property.


How to edit Rain background editing :-

Adjust background and PNG :-

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Here the background has to be added to the picsart, some of it has to be set by adjusting the png and the cutout of your back. Have a look according to the video.

Lightroom color adjust :-

Save photos from picsart have to be added to lightroom. And then here the color, light effect has to be set all the things.  you can do retouching by yourself then it is not good then you have to follow the video.

Stock Sample :-

Rain mushroom png
Mushroom png
Rain background
Mashroom editing png
Tree Mushroom png
Blur grass png
Blur grass
Rain drops png
Drops png
Rain drops png
Rain drops
The rain text png
The rain text

Warning :-

Also the photo png you are seeing is only for the sample.  you want in hd then you can do it by following the download steps given below.


How to download Rain background :-

• First of all click on the download button given below.
• After them you will go on the drive.
• All png and background will be found there.
• Tap to open any png, background.
• Download by clicking on the download arrow.


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