Light grey lightroom preset

Light grey lightroom preset | Gray Tone best Lightroom Presets Download

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Friends, I have given many Lightroom presets. Now last that I gave a white motion preset in the article. If you want alight motion preset, then you can go and download it and we are talking about Lightroom presets. So I have just brought the Light grey lightroom preset in this article and I have put another gray preset which we had put in the last preset. She was in second gray collar so she is second gray colour. Now it is not that all the shades of gray you are given are the same. You will know the difference in both. If you have downloaded those presets. So you simply have to download this also. Then use both of them and you will know how much difference is there between them.

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Required for lightroom mobile app

Lightroom app is a powerful editing application and it is made by Adobe. There are many applications of adobe which are mobile applications. He has been most successful in that. Lightroom Mobile, no other application has been able to run more than this. In mobile, because all other features are not available in your mobile. For those that you get on PC, this Lightroom is the only application. This is true to a large extent, so for this application, you should have at least 2gb ram and 4gb storage free in your phone and your android version should be at least above 4 point 4. Then it will work properly on your phone. Otherwise the same will happen that your phone will start hanging again and again and you will comment that brother my phone is not working. If you have old time then you may face this problem, otherwise in current team all these things are completed easily.

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How to use presets in lightroom :-

First of all, you have to download this Light grey lightroom preset. Then download the Lightroom application. If you don’t have then no problem if you want to download. What should you do now? Go to your file manager. There you have to go to the folder in which you downloaded your preset. There you have to select the preset and then share it or make an application. You have to do it in the Lightroom application. When you share this in Lightroom, your preset will be added to Lightroom. After that, open the back, there you will see many options, then what will you have to do. There also you will get copy setting option. Click on it and copy it. Then after opening the photo, you will get the option of paste setting. Paste it there.

Light grey lightroom preset
Light grey lightroom preset

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This is the gray color, the real gray color, the gray color you must have seen. Same to Same you will get it like this and same in your photo exactly Same to Same as you are seeing on this preset. Similarly, it will be applied on your photo. And gray color is such that as if this color reflects your confidence energy and absence. So, if you apply this colour, you will look very good. So you can download this preset for absolutely free and if you want to use it then tell me what you have to do. You have to download this preset.

Light grey lightroom preset download

To download simply click on the download button below and wait for some time. For you to download because if you are using Android 11 then there may be some problem because it will take you to google drive and there you will get 3dot on the right side. From there you will get the download option where you click download and your download will be done.

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