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Lightroom Bundle preset Lightroom Presets

How are you friends, all of you are welcome on our website Rajaneditz and friends if you want filters for iPhone. Like if you want to use iPhone filters in your Android phone, then in today’s article I have brought it for you Iphone 14 lightroom presets and you can use it in your mobile. The method to use which I have mentioned in the article below. You can understand by reading it. How to use it and the method to download it is also given below. I closed it in a zip file and gave it because in this you are going to get presets on 25plus which you can download.

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Iphone 14 lightroom presets

Friends, this is the preset of iPhone, I have given this top class iPhone preset. If you want iPhone 13 iPhone XI or any other preset you will find it on our website. Like if you want to download lightroom preset then you can simply search on our website. Whatever you want, you just search for it like I tell you for the exam. You just have to search for the iPhone preset you want. iphone lightroom preset. Where you will find many articles on our website. In which you will get whatever you like for free. You can download them. You can download them and use them in your editing. But don’t upload it on your website, I will give you copyright.

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Iphone 14 lightroom presets

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How to install and use presets

So how will you use it? First of all, let us tell you how you will add it to your Lightroom. You simply added your photo. Whatever photo you want to edit. Add it and then open it. In the Lightroom application, there you’ll find a preset option at the bottom. If you have an updated light room, it will give you it in the first place. If the old one is Lightroom application then you will also find it in the end side. On that you have to go on that. If you open there, you will get default presets there, then you will not have to do anything in them. You will get 3dot in simple upper side. Click on it above and there you will get the import option. Simply click on it. Now whatever file I have given you, you extract it.

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How to download

Given below is a zip file for you to download. I just downloaded you from it. You see Now don’t say that you will not know how to download from that too. To download you just have to click on that button. Then you will go to a page where you will get the download option. If you know how to download from Media Fire link, then if you know how to download, then simply download it, you do not know. Then you have gone, now know that a simple button will be found there. Clicking on it and your download will start.

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