AMS Calligraphy Hindi Font Pack

AMS Calligraphy Hindi Font Pack Free Download | Pixellab ams stylish fonts


Friends, I have given many fonts in which what do you guys do? Comment that brother give me ms fonts then I think what is this ams fonts so I did a little research and then thought let’s give ams fonts to you guys and you will also download and say what brother did you give You have, and now in this article I have given you AMS Calligraphy Hindi Font Pack Free Download and you can download it in one click. What is going to be available in this, you are going to get a zip file and you can download it and use it in your editing and this font is going to be available for free, so go download it and use it and tell us how it is?

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How to use fonts in your phone –

Friends, this is ams font, so you cannot use it directly in any application. If you use it in any application, then it will not be able to be used properly. You have to make it Unicode. Then you will have to paste its Unicode in that application. Then you will be able to use it properly. I told you two methods. Now read the article below you will know.

Step 1 :-

First of all you have to download any font converter application. After that now see that you have to select ams font which you have to convert. Then whatever text you want to write in Hindi, you will have to write it there. Whatever you want to write, then you have to click on the Unicode option and it will give you a code, then all you have to do is copy that code.

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Step 2:-

After that now in whatever application you want to use this font. Simply you have to import this font in that application. Import all phones. Now what to do here now as I take. Let us take the example of pixellab. What do you have to do after that? Simply open pixellab and there you have to paste the unique code that you have copied and then what you have to do. Have to go to the font option. There you will see all the fonts. Whichever phone you select, here you will get all your fonts in calligraphy and in this way you can use it.

AMS Calligraphy Hindi Font Pack
AMS Calligraphy Hindi Font Pack

How to use font in PC –

To use these fonts in your computer you need to follow these steps
download these fonts from above button
find this font in the downloaded folder
double click on the font file

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It is possible If your phone does not have zip extract, then you will need an application and you should download it from the Play Store. You can download it from the App Store. You will get simple searcher application. Download the same and you will get it absolutely free. Simply open this, after that wherever you have kept your zip file, you have to select that folder and there you have to select the zip and an option of extract will come. Clicking on it and all the zip files will be extracted and now you can use them.

AMS Calligraphy Hindi Font Pack

At the bottom you will find a download button. Simply click on it and there you will go to Google Drive. There you will see a download button at the top. You just click on that and that’s your zip. You have to download it from Simple.

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