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Kgf chapter 2 editing

So day I will show you the kgf chapter 2  editing, which is going to be very awesome, which I have edited with the help of picsart and lightroom application.
I will give you hd background which is very important in editing, from my experience I can say that background and png are very important in photo editing. So I will give you background and png, you can easily dawnload it by download button below. So let’s start the editing.


You can download all the background and png used in this editing in hd. It takes a lot of effort to make them, so support me


About Kgf chapter 2 editing :-

This is a very brilliant film whose teaser you must have seen. The first part of this film was very super hit. The hero of this film Yash has a very handsome look and talking about Villain, Sanjay Dutt is going to be seen in the role of Villain in the role of Aadhira which suits his personality a lot. This time there will be a competition between Yash and Adhira. So guys, we are eagerly waiting for this film


Most important in photo editing is to remove the background of your photo. If your photo is not erase in hd then photo editing is very problematic. So you should always cutout the photo in hd which is perfect in editing.If you do not know how to make cutout in hd, then you can easily learn by watching from our channel. App link in video description.



First of all we have to go to add photo and aad a background . use sanjay dutt pic and adjust it. Then I’ll go to draw tool .add chair PNG from add photo option.  I create a empty layer and make shadow in it . Then discard the draw tool. After that i will adjust the text png from add photo. go to draw tool and add my cutout by aad photo option.after then create an empty layer and make shadow in it below the model layer .

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Then discard the draw tool. After then add car PNG by add photo option and adjust the car color grading by adjustment.then make a duplicate of car PNG and set it opposite side. go to add photo option and add a kgf text png and adjust it. add more pngs and adjust them . Then it all most done . Then share to lightroom application for color grading. adjust all color grading for attractive look.

Background Sample:-

Kgf chapter 2 text png
Kgf chapter 2 text png
Sanjay dutt poster
Sanjay dutt adhira poster
Kgf chapter 2 car png
Car png
Kgf 2 dialogue
Kgf dialogue text
chapter 2 text background
Kgf 2 background
 chair png
Chair png

Warning :- 

All these are in the form of photo samples. And their pixels are very low. So please do not download it. To download the background and png, click the download button below and download it.

How to download background and png :-

To download the background and png you have to click on the download button below. After that, he will take you directly to the Google Drive. You have to click on the photo and after that the download icon will appear and click on it and the download will start.


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