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Flying elephant background | Dumbo editing background download free

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Hey friends welcome back to Rajan editz And Today I am going to teach you Flying elephant background.  in this editing you will need two applications picsart and lightroom.   download these applications from the PlayStore.Being an editor I have four years experience And I know how much important role is in an editing of background and png.   I will give you the best hd background and png so that you do not have any problem in your photo editing, and you can download it free.

Follow these short steps for this Flying elephant background editing

1  open your PicsArt
2 Add your photo and resize it
3  Now add B&W filter
4 Watch tutorial carefully for arrange pngs
5  color adjust
6  the end export your photo

Full step for editing:-

• First erase your background

You can take help of picsart’s draw tool or auto cut to erase the background.  And you can erase the background of your photo with the help of someone else.

• Background adjust

The first thing is to download your background png. And to get it, add it to picsart.  After adding it, it has to be resized to the maximum.

• Adjust png

The first thing is to download all your pngs and then the most important is to place all the pngs correctly and then go to the draw tool and save it.

elephant png dumbo png

blur elephant png

blur elephant png

Flying elephant background

How to download background and png

To download you have to scroll down.  And at the bottom you will find the download button, you have to click on that download button.  Then you will open a new tab on Google Drive, you will get all the images on it. Just you will tap on the image and your image will open, then you will see an arrow on the top of the image, you will have to click on it and then your download will start.  Download and enjoy

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