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Hey guys what’s up welcome back to Rajan edits. So friends, in this article today I brought 5 mobile photography for you guys. Which I have told well on my channel Rajan Editz. In which you can do such creative photography from any mobile. So you can download the preset that I have used in it. Just follow the given download steps on how to do it.


5 Mobile Photography :-

In this article, we have talked about mobile photography. Whose video has been uploaded on our channel for the first time, then you must show support, you must share the video. More such videos will come in future if you guys will support you. Since clearing the photo, a little bit of light adjust and preset have been used.

Download More backgrounds :-

If you want any kind of background, then you have to scroll down. There you will get category, in that category you will get the option of background and open it by clicking on it, you will get all kinds of background like movie poster, cb background and many more will be updated in future.


How to edit mobile photography :-

PicsArt :-

The first is to add photos to picsart. There, you have to add the photo first and then add and merge the second photo, according to the video.


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Light room :-

After saving photos from picsart, open it in lightroom. There you will find the preset. It has to be copied and pasted. If you want to retouch in your own way, you can.

Edited Photos :-

5 Mobile photography
1st photos
Mobile photography ideas
2nd photo
Groot Mobile photography
3rd photo
New mobile photography ideas
4th photo
Plane photography
5th photos

How to download 5 Mobile photography preset :-

To download you have to click on the download button below. After that you will go on the drive. Where you will get to see the preset. Have to open it by clicking on it. When the download arrow is found in the side above the photo, click on it and download it.


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