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Well we are back with another Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Template. You all know the template with lyrics. Those people are also using it a lot. Why are they using it because it is being liked a lot because of what happens there. A unique photo is used. It gives an aesthetic look to the photo and after that your photo plays and in this way people like it a lot and the people who like it have a more trending template which is video. It is very much in trend, so if you also want to create a video like this, then let us tell you how you can create it. Although this song is in complete trend, many people have already made a video on it. If you have not made it, then start making it now and make it on all the templates available here.

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Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Template

Now look, you must have seen a video in which a lyric keeps appearing over the video that is playing. Many people used this type. Some people’s lyrics are also available in the background, so see, if you want to put the same lyrics in the background, then I will tell you the trick for that too. How can you use it and if you want to create this kind of video. If you just want lyrics on top of your video, then there are all the templates available here, you can simply use them and create your video and you will know the result of the video which is the trending song. But if you come then you are getting this Hindi song template absolutely free.

Tu Hai Kahan Capcut Template Free

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Tu Hai Kahan Capcut Template Trend 2023

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Tu Hai Kahan Capcut Template Link New Trend

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Tu Hai Kahan Capcut Template Viral Trend

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Hindi Song Capcut Template 2023

Now, as I told you, the lyrics play in the background. If you want to create that video, then we will also tell you how you can create it. Now look, first of all you should know how you will create this video. For that you have been given some templates in the article which you have to use and if you want to create a video, then for that you have to click on the simple button and you will go to Capcut. There you will see the preview of your video. You have to simply select the video there and create your video. You have to see whether the video is good or bad, you can check there and export the video. Now look at the video you added there. You have to keep this video.

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How To Use Tu Hai Kahan CapCut Template

If you want to have lyrics in your background, then you have to open the video that you have exported from the video template in your Capcut application. What do you have to do there? By going to the overlay option, you have to add the original video from which you have created the video. What do you have to do from then on? Click on the overlay video and go to the cut out option and there you have to remove your background and then set it. Now the lyrics will be in your background and your object will be above you, so in this way you can put lyrics in your background.

Hindi Lyrics Capcut Templates

And it is not a big deal that if you have read this article then you would have understood almost the whole thing. You will not be left with any problem. As far as I think, but if still some people face problems then what can you do for them. Simple, you can check the entire paragraph of our article here or if you still have difficulty in using it, then just read the usage paragraph. Everything will be told to you there. You can understand by reading it, there will be no problem and any doubt you have will be cleared.

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