Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt

Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt Free

Ai Photo Editing

Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt – I teach photo editing with AI in which there are some people who like it very much. Like if you edit a photo with a wing or edit some photo for your DP. This is such an image which is liked by many people. Meaning that whenever I bring something different, people like it very much. Like see in this article today. Today I have brought a wing editing. For this I have given many of your articles. In which many different types of editing are taught. People are very interested in it. They feel that this editing looks very best because it has a name at the back. There is a wing to look at, that is why people also like it.


Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt

Top 5 Wing Name Ai Images

PROMPT :- Create realstic image a 20 year old attitude boy is sitting on a king chair with golden wings and behim him the colour of the wall is gray on which ” RAJAN ” Written in curve style

Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt Free

2ND PROMPT :- a reality profile pic 20 year old attitude boy sunglasses and mask, sitting stylish poes on chair, with full green wings, chair side sitting on Black panther with roar, boy wearing white T-shirt Black coat and Black jeans, background wall gray, with background wall written name “RAJAN” big and capital yellow neon lighting, the floor dangerous smoke,

Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Prompt

3RD PROMPT :- Create a stunning 3D profile picture where a young man (around 20 years old) with a charming smile sits casually on a velvet wingback chair. Dressed in a crisp kurta and white sneakers, he gazes confidently into the distance. Behind him, a vibrant blue neon sign spells out “RAJAN” in a bold, futuristic font against a deep charcole wall. scene is bathed in a warm, ethereal glow, highlighting his angelic presence with subtle, feathery wings.

Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompts

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4TH PROMPT :- create realistic image A 21 year old Boy is sitting on a king chair with white wings and behind him the color of the wall is gray on which “RAJAN” is written in curve style, sun glass

Top 5 Wing Name Ai Images Prompt

5TH PROMPT :- Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture where a cute 25 year old boy in a yellow jacket is sitting comfortably on a King of Beasts throne chair. With a rifle in his hand. And a ferocious lion beside me. Wearing sneakers, he looks ahead. ” RAJAN ” is written in large, orange neon light font on the dark brown wall in the background. He has no shadow and also has wings to make it look like he is an angel.


Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt

What is the specialty of this image due to which people like it. The specialty is a little bit, now I will tell you about it. There is a chair. Which is like a king and you sit on it and when you sit, a wing comes out from the back of the chair. The wing looks very good, it looks good, now as it appears, a name is written on the wing. Your name is written. Now your name will be written. If you want, you can put anyone’s name there, okay. After that there will be light in it. Like there are different types of colors in it, right now it is given in gold color. If you want, you can change a color in it as well. Because of this, you can customize this image according to your requirement.

Convert Photo To Video

You all must be knowing about editing, for example, you must be well aware of photo editing because video editing is created from photo editing because if there are some elements of photo editing, then the same is used in video editing. Only then you can edit a video well. For example, many people have a question that how can we convert such a photo into a video. What is a simple way you can do for this? First of all, change the size of the photo, like the ratio of this will be 1:1. That is, it will be square, so what do you have to do? There you have to change it to 9:16. That is, it should be in full screen, it will be in full screen. There you can now convert it into a video by using any template.


How To Create Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt

Now see, creating a photo is most important in this because first you will create a photo, then you will think about the video because if you want to make it with your name or with someone else’s name, then you can do it, so what do you have to do. First of all, you have to create a photo. To create it, you have to follow the instructions that I will give you in the article.

  1. First of all, a prompt is provided to you in the article for which you do not have to do anything. Just copy that prompt.
  2. Now you have to take help of a website from where we have to generate the image. What we will do for that is go to that website.
  3. I have given the website here as its link is added in a button. You can go to it directly by clicking on it.
  4. You are given the option to paste the promise on the website. Paste it there.
  5. He wants to add his name, you can change the name in it.
  6. Click on Create and then copy the prompt as you would have done. The type of image will be ready to be typed.
  7. Top 5 Wing Name Ai Photo Editing Prompt

Note :-

I will share a solution with you. As many people face this problem that when you generate the image from their prompt, there is a problem with the name. So click on create again. This time, see that it comes with the correct name.

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