Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets

Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets Download In One Click

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I was busy for a long time now. Then I noticed that I started getting a lot of comments and those comments started coming about what. I started getting comments. Brother you are not uploading preset. So I thought let’s solve your problem too. Once you give so many presets, you will be free for some time. For some time you will not even ask for presets, because today in this article I have brought for you Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets. In this you can download 300 plus xmp presets absolutely free. Basically you will get it in this article. And the one sample preset is very easy. To make it easier to use, I have provided this preset to you. It is more preset so you can easily download it, it will come in just a few kb.

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Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets

Whatever this preset is, all of Instagram has viral presets. You must have seen that when all the big creators upload their photos on Instagram, there is a different caller tone in their photo, then inspire their caller tone. Okay, all these presets have been created because you must have seen that The special caller tone is found only in their photos. Like you might have heard the name of Rohit Jinjurke. There is a different tone in his photo, so I have given the link of its preset also. By the way, I have given the link to a different preset of theirs. If you have downloaded it on your website then you will know and if you don’t know then you can go and check. Lots of creator’s presets on our website.

Xmp Presets Vs Dng Presets

Which you all think that DNG preset seems easy to use. You are wrong in thinking that DNG presets are a little easier to use, but they are easier than these. Why is it easier to use this XMP preset? I tell you. You can see what is xmp preset. Will add once. Then, to use it, you just have to tap on it and after that it gets applied on the photo. In this you have to open many DNG’s one at a time. Then copy it and paste it on top of any photo. Can do like this. Whereas all these things are not there in xmp. Just click and it will be done.

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Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets
Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets

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How To Use Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets

Look, there is no problem for you in using DNG preset. It feels very easy for you. Just like if you copy and paste it, then it is done the same way, but look for a sample to use. First of all, we have given a jeep file. You will not find any password in the zip file. Will be available without password. If you get it absolutely free then what do you have to do? If he has to select the zip file then how to select it. First of all you have to open the Lightroom application. You have to add a photo there. Have to open the photo.

You have to wait 15 seconds.

Generating Download Link…

There you will find the preset area. To go there, you have to click on the 3 dots above and from there you will get the option of import reset, so whatever file you have downloaded, select it from there and import it, then when it is imported, there will be a different preset there. An area will be created, in which you will get 300 plus presets. To use them you just click on them. And they will be applied to your photo. Whatever you like, set it on your photo. Apply the preset and after that save your photo.

How To Download Top 350+ Instagram Viral Lightroom Presets

To download the preset, you will see a timer running at the bottom as you open this page. This timer will keep running automatically and as soon as its 15 seconds completes. Below you will see the text ‘Download Now’. As you click on it. Your download page will open as if it were your Google Drive download link. Like you click there and download it.

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