Soft dark lightroom preset

Soft dark lightroom preset | Dark lightroom presets free download

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Friends, in this article of now, I am going to give you Soft dark lightroom preset and this preset, it will make your photo in dark color which will be very soft. If your photo is in any colour. He will give it to you in dark and you can use it for free. You will find more such presets on our website, which you can download for free and use them in your editing. I have made all the presets by myself.

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Required for lightroom mobile app

Let me tell you what is needed in the Lightroom application to use this preset. First of all, download Lightroom from your Play Store. Now look at that since then downloaded Lightroom. This is the same thing. Now see that your phone should have at least 4GB of free storage and at least 4GB of RAM, of which 2GB should be free. Then it will run properly on your phone. Otherwise what will happen, it hangs again and again. Then it will get stuck or it will be cut off. Again and again you will say that the application is not running in my phone. That’s why I have been talking earlier, if all the things are not completed in your phone, then it will not work properly in your phone.

Soft dark lightroom preset
Soft dark lightroom preset

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How to use presets in lightroom :-

I tell you how to use it. What do you have to do, we download the sample for you. Then share it and add it to the light room. After that now you have to open this preset then you will see the photo. Clicking on it above you will get a download link. You have to click on it and there you will get the option of copy setting. By clicking on it, you copy the setting of it, after that you have to open your photo. In that you will get 3dot. There you will get the option of paste setting. Then as you paste, the preset that comes will come on your photo and in this way you can use this iPhone preset.

Soft dark lightroom preset
Soft dark lightroom preset

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Soft dark lightroom preset download

As always you will find the download link below which will take you to Google Drive. as you click on it. After that there you will get the photo which is preset. You have to click on it and a download button will appear on the top. Download it by clicking on it.

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