Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompt

Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompt [2024] Bing Image Creator

Ai Photo Editing

Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompt – Such images are trending a lot on Instagram. In which you will see that this smoking photo is also going viral. Like what is happening here is that your girlfriend is scaring you with a lighter. That means she is lighting a cigarette with the lighter. It looks very cool and in today’s generation boys like this kind of images a lot. They want this type of editing. Which is a good thing for them but in reality if you smoke a cigarette then it is a very wrong thing. You should not smoke it because it causes a lot of problems in your body. Come on, if you want to learn this editing. We will always talk about editing, leaving aside other things, then how will we do this editing.


Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompt

You can understand the specialty of this image a little bit, like if you see in this image, then this smoke type image is liked by people a lot. At that time, people used to create such images but gradually the times have changed and editing has also changed a lot. Now if you want to do editing, then you will have to do such editing. By which you will have to attract the public a little. Like in this editing app, what will happen in it is that whoever will see it. There will be your name written in the image, they will start asking you after seeing it. Brother, how did you create such an image, so you can get a little publicity there.

Smoking Ai Photo Prompt

Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompt Bing Image Creator

Prompt :- A real 16 year old cute indian boy standing holding black KTM with happy with The girl is lighting the cigarette in the boy’s mouth a street, the boy is wearing a Red hoodie written nam “Rajan” and girl smile and wearing pink top and jeans, lighter boy looking at, watch, stylish hair, ladies shoes, background road night fields, 16K Ultra Quality Image

Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompt 2024

2ND PROMPT :- A real 18 year old Indian couple is sitting on a black thar car,boy smoking cigarette, boy wearing black pant, black shirt “rajan” Clear Printed on it bold latters. girl is wearing a blue pant shirt with name” Queen” Clear written on shirt,romantic looking each other, white shoes, watch, bracelet, stylish hair, the background, 16K ultra quality image

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Smoking Wing Ai Photo Editing Prompts

3RD PROMPT :- Create Realistic Sitting on Wingbake chair jacket that says “Rajan” Smoking with cigarette create a 3d image of teenager wearing a White smoke artistically forming a name

Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompts

4TH PROMPT :- Create a realistic 23 years old boy sitting at a table with a cigarette in his hand. wearing a three-piece of the Black white contrast. And it’s injured from hand and face. he looks ahead and the background is that the color of the wall is white and written on the wall “Rajan” with red neon light effect with fantasy style and the Black 3d Angels wings.


Bing Image Creator Speciality

The image you create is created from a special website in which you get to see many facilities. If you create an image, you get a problem in the image. So if you get a problem in the image, that is, if you want to create something, then something else gets created in its place. There is an option of feedback given there. That is very important. See, they work very quickly. If you give them feedback there, then what do they do? They work on that thing. Then after that they bring it to the right place and because of this this website is very special because if your image is even a little wrong or gives a little problem. They correct it and make it very good.


How Create Smoking Ai Photo Editing Prompt

To create an image, if you go to the website, you will need a prompt which you have to paste in the box. There is a box type there. A button has also been added below it in which you write all the things that you want in the image. If you do not have any idea. What kind of image do I want and how to write it. We already give you all those things written. You just have to copy and then paste it in the box there. There can be two options here. If you paste in the box, first of all you will get a prompt to login. Second, to create, people will get a prompt. Those who have opened the website for the first time. Those who have opened it for the second or third time, they must have already logged in here. Because of that, they will get the option to create. You can create from there and the rest of the people can login as you want.

Use Bing App For Best Result

Look, we have launched an image creator application as well. If you want, you can create an image from here directly. There will be no problem or if you want, you can use extra prompt. You can use both the things by logging in with your email and use it at both the places. Here, you will get 15 credit boost coins. Now, at least it will become 30 here because you are using it at two places. Because of which it will become 30. Now, this is for your benefit only, so see how you use it.

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