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Hello friends how are you guys hoping you will be cool So friends, in this article today, I have brought for you the school life background. Which is quite cor If you also want to do this kind of editing, then your background, png will be needed. Which you can use in its editing. How to download it will be known only after a complete read of this article.

About School life :-

Friends, school life is the best day of life. You remember these days throughout your life. We have taught you editing on this concept in this article. Which may make you remember your school life too. Teachers play an important role in our life because they are the ones who learn good and new things from us. Everybody wants to go back to their school life because these are the most carefree and enjoyable days. School is a place where we learn to make a better person in life.


Download Hd backgrounds :-

If you have to download any kind of background, you have to scroll down and you will find the categories there. In those categories, you have to have a background category and open it and go into it. Here you get all kinds of backgrounds, so you can download them to anyone. Following the download steps given to them


How to edit school life :-

Background eraser :-

First of all, you have to erase the background of your photo and if you do not know how to erase the background, then you can visit our channel and tell you how to erase it.


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PicsArt editing :-

In picsart you have to add your background. After that, remember to set your cutout and adjust the rest of the pngs as well. Can do according to the video.

Lightroom :-

Save photos from picsart in lightroom. After that you will get a preset which you have to download and add. Then copy the preset and paste it on your photo and your editing will be completed.


Stock sample :-

School life background
Flying paper png
Paper png
School life student png
Students png
Boy png
School life desk png
Virus teacher png
Teacher png
School life text png
Life text png
Life text png

Warning :-

Do not download all the stocks given in the sample, their picture quality is very low. To download background png in hd, you need to follow the download below given below.

How to download school life background :-

To download you have to click on the download button below and then you will go directly to Google Drive. Then all the background png will be seen there. Any one of them will have to open by tapping. Only then you will find the download arrow at the top of that photo, click on it and download it.


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