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Lightroom dark blue preset | Moody blue lightroom presets free download

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Hello friends how are you all welcome. For some time now on our website, I was giving you Capcut templates, with the help of which you were editing your videos. Okay, you are editing the video, but now it is necessary to edit the photo, so for that I have brought Lightroom dark blue preset for you. With the help of this, you can edit your cool photos, so how can you download this preset, you will be told in detail in the article. Also note that if you do not know how to download. You will need to read the article completely, otherwise you will get confused.

Start looking for the download button or else you will go back. Or you will comment on Telegram by going to us or you will tell by messaging brother, I did not get it, so I tell you in advance. If you read carefully then you will get what you are looking for.

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How to use presets in lightroom

Look you download this preset it is a dng preset. What is dng preset? It looks like a photo like a jpg image for you which is a normal photo and it is raw and has all the settings locked. You can use it only and only in Lightroom. How can you use it? Let’s tell you to add it simply and add it to lightroom. After that you will get 3dot. Click on it and copy the setting. Then you make your photo etc. There you will get 3 dots in that also. Same you will get the option of paste setting. By which you paste your photo will be ready.

Lightroom Dark Blue Preset
Lightroom dark blue preset

Lightroom dark blue preset

So guys this is dng preset. This is going to be the blue color preset. Now it is not that normal, in this you are going to get dark blue preset, due to which if there is green in the background of your photo, then it should be normal. If your photo has a green color in its background, then you can use this preset and from then on it will turn it into dark blue. Then when you see your photo, it will say that the preset is amazing.

More awesome presets like this if you want. Please visit our website once. Search and see whatever color preset you want. You will find there you will find his before and after in all the articles. Because of which you will know how the preset will be after editing. Now you can guess it by looking from there.

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Lightroom appliaction

You simply download the Lightroom application from the Play Store, now you have downloaded it. If it is your turn to use, how will you use the preset? It is simple. If you open the Lightroom application, then you will be asked to login there, then some two or three options are available there. Like you will get Google, Drive, Facebook and Gmail by doing this, then simply you have to select whatever you want there. After that login. It will open after login. After that you simply added your preset and photo two things there. Then there you will get to see both the things with the option of all. After that which has to be opened.

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You have to copy the setting of cricket by clicking on 3dot there. After that the photo has to be opened. By clicking on 3 dot there, you have to set the photo which is just there. It will be ready for you. Without any problem, if you are still facing any problem in using it or it is not working in your phone. Comment us, we will let you know.

How to download

Downloading as usual, you guys are experts in that. How to download, you will be able to download. If still if you have problem. In order to download something, all you have to do is find a download button at the bottom. Click on it and there you will find the preset. Clicking on the Set Caller Download button will start your download.

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