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Lightroom aqua and green preset 2023 | free lightroom presets download

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Friends, today I have brought another amazing combined preset. In today’s article, I have brought for you Lightroom aqua and green preset and what is set on combination, so I tell you. Combination preset is one in which you get more than one color. Like in this preset you are going to get two colors and in this both green and aqua are very cool colors and many people like it. If you also like this color, then you can download this preset and when photo editing it. One thing and must share with your friends too.

Lightroom aqua and green preset

Note – Friends, which is aqua and green color patient, which I made myself, it is not that I picked it up from anywhere and gave it to you. I have prepared the preset of both these colors by myself. You made it yourself in the Lightroom application and made it just for you, so use it for yourself. You cannot resell or upload it anywhere. You can use only for yourself.

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How to use presets

Look you download this preset it is a dng preset. What is dng preset? It looks like a photo like a jpg image for you which is a normal photo and it is raw and has all the settings locked. You can use it only and only in Lightroom. How can you use it? Let’s tell you to add it simply and add it to lightroom. After that you will get 3dot. Click on it and copy the setting. Then you make your photo etc. There you will get 3 dots in that also. Same you will get the option of paste setting. By which you paste your photo will be ready.

Lightroom Aqua And Green Preset Free Download
Lightroom Aqua And Green Preset

Lightroom appliaction

Simple that is the Lightroom application. It is a very cool application. For editing, if you want to edit your photo and edit it, then you can use the Lightroom application. In this, if you want to change the background, then here you will not get any option of background change. Many more such applications have come in which you get both retouching and background change together. But here too those things in Lightroom did not come up. Butt is the application from Lightroom. It is the oldest application and still the application is running for a long time in the market. To use it, you have to keep at least 2GB of RAM free and 4GB of storage free in your phone. Then it will run properly on your phone.

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How to download Lightroom aqua and green preset

And friends, below I have given a link to download, which I have just updated the link. That is the link of media fire now see as you will click on that button. You will go directly to the download page. There you will get a download option. Will be of blue or green colour. You just have to click on it. Then it will take you to the new page. Wait a few seconds and there your download will start. Then you add it again in Lightroom.

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