Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset

Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset For Editing 2024

Lightroom Presets

Today in this article we have brought Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset for you. You all know that not all people are able to buy the iPhone because of its high price. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If a middle class person wants to buy an iPhone, he cannot buy it at once. He can buy it only in instalments, so see what happens with the camera of iPhone. a solution for this too for you.

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Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset

What have we covered in this article? A Lightroom preset of iPhone 15 is provided here. Consider that you edit on iPhone, we have also provided you something here, like if you apply filters on your iPhone. Apply the preset we did. So our preset seemed best than the iPhone’s filter because it is a reset. It has been created inspired by iPhone. But it is even better, we have added more good colors to it. If you use it once, you will know yourself. What a great preset it is and what is its link. You will find it in our article and download it from there.

Lightroom Mobile Preset

The preset I have given you will edit your photo exactly like the iPhone. All you have to do is use the special feature in the Lightroom application and there you have to do photo editing using the copy paste method and this is a completely free editing that I have created myself and I have brought it for you so that So that you can also do your editing. Can’t do a lot of editing. So I have brought this preset for them. Like you can edit your photo by downloading the preset.

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Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset
Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset

How To Use Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset

To use this preset, first of all you download it and after downloading it, you add it to the Lightroom application. There you will see this. Now what do you have to do? I just checked you there and what happens there is that everything has completely changed. You will get it there from the old Lightroom. Go to the add option and add that preset there and then add the photo from there. Like add preset, you have to add a photo there as well. Suppose if you add only preset then it is needed for photo editing.

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You also have to add photo simply. If you open the preset, you will see the option of coffee setting. There is another option available there. You get copy preset meaning no sorry save preset option. Meaning that you can save it as a preset. If you want to use it later, you can do so. But we will talk about that later. You have to copy and go to your photo. There also you have to click on 3 dots and paste it. Just like that it will happen to him. We will discuss the presets that we mentioned in the next article.

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How To Download Iphone 15 Pro Max Lightroom Mobile Preset

To download this preset, I have given you a red colored button. You can easily do your photo editing by downloading its presets. You have to click on the button and go to Google Drive and download it.

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