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So you must have seen this kind of photo. This type of photo is becoming very viral. When people create photos of different celebrities like this and make them viral, they do not make them viral, they go viral on their own. Look, today in this article we have brought for you that Create Animal Ai Face. With this you can create your own photo, for that you will have to read this entire article, in which it has been explained to you. How can you create photos like this?

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The photo is like this in which you can tell that your eyes are deceiving you. This type of photo is created in which there are many types of animals and trees and after writing anything meaning that photo gets created, if you close your eyes 75%. Then it is clearly visible from the photo that yes, it is the photo of this person, otherwise it would not have been known that way. If you see that he is an animal and a tree etc. as a hero then it is simple for you what to do. If you want to create this photo, then we will know how to create it.

Create Animal Ai Face

Look, you will not need to do much hard work to create this photo. I have given you the link in the article. It is written ‘Creator Photo’, simply click on it. As you click on it. You will go directly to the website from where you can create a photo directly, then look there you will get the option to upload and where you will get the option to create it yourself, then upload your photo there and look in the photo. You should already have a white background so that your face etc. can be detected. Otherwise, what is happening is that the face of many people is not visible due to which there is a lot of difficulty in understanding them, then what do you have to do. Turn on that face detect option. For this you have to keep a simple white background and then upload it.

Create Animal Ai Face
Create Animal Ai Face

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How To Create

After that you have to write your keyboard there or to write word you can simply write anything there. Keep writing by planting the cow tree like this. When people write, you have to click on Run. Now see, a problem may arise here that as soon as you click on run, it will give an error. Then you have to click on Current and click like this three-four times. Then he will ask her to wait for this much time. Meaning, you have to wait for at least 2 minutes to 3 minutes because there is very heavy traffic on the website. Due to which this website is not able to work properly. After waiting, your photo will be ready. At the top you will get the download option. From where you can download this photo.

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Create Animal Ai Face

Now from now on you are not going to face any problem. I explained these things in such a way that you will not face any problem and if it happens, we will be responsible for it and we will tell you how you can fix it. Just comment and let us know if you are facing this problem then we will tell you the solution.

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