Create 3d Ai Girls Hugging With Boy Image Generator

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Create 3D Ai Girls Hugging With Boy Image Generator – If it happens to you that girls are standing around you and then you are standing in the middle looking a little smart, wearing glasses. Then someone clicks a photo of you in it. It will look very good. And you are standing in it with a little attitude. If the girl is looking at you, then this is possible only when you are very smart. Only then can such photos of you come. Only then can a girl be behind you like this. If not, then there is no problem, I will fulfill your dream, I am your brother. You have to take care of all these things and today in this article I will teach you how you can create such photos.

Look, this is an AI generated photo. You can also place your face in it. If you can put your face, then your photo will look exactly as if you are really standing among them. By the way, this photo has been created. Just a name has been placed in it, if you want, put your name in it and create your photo. Today in the article we are telling you, just understand.


Create 3D Ai Girls Hugging With Boy Image Generator

And when I saw that a reel of it was made on Instagram, how is it created. I will tell you. See what they do in it. People place their photos in it. There they convert the video and after converting it into a video, they post it on Instagram. Now add any trending music in it. Add that type of music. In which your photo has been edited, meaning it should be similar to it. Now it is not that there is something else in your photo and you put some other song.

Then people will not like it like this. Now see the type of your photo that has been seen. Like here I think if there is a photo of a girl with attitude, then put a girl’s song here. In which a boy is showing attitude. By doing this, any song, then your video will perform well.

Girls Hugging With Boy Image Generator

Create 3d Ai Girls Hugging With Boy Image Generator Prompts

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PROMPT :- realistic indian 18-Year-old cute attitude boy standing home wall side and 15 year old eight girls hugging with boy body on a . Boy Wearing blue hoodie written bold name “RAJAN “jeans, sunglasses with Nike shoes with, and eight girls wearing blue big lehenga and sandal, with smile, he looks ahead. The background wall side features big and white wall. and there are many to make it appear as if he is an.ultra details, hyperrealist, 4k

Create 3d Ai Girls Hugging With Boy Image Generator 2024

2ND PROMPT :- A real 18 year old Indian boy is walking down the street with a real 16 year old Indian girl sitting on a piggy back ride,the girl is holding a rose in her hand, and is kissing the boy on the cheek,the boy is wearing a yellow hoodie On which “Rajan” is clearly written,and the girl is wearing jeans and pink top,both are smiling,The background is blurry green fields,sunrise,the boy is wearing sunglasses,watch,bracelet,white shoes, headphones,Stylish look,stylish black hair,

Create 3d Ai Girls Hugging With Boy Prompts

3RD PROMPT :- realistic indian 20 Year old cute boy and 16 year beautifull girl hug in chest to chest with parking in hug with boy white colour hot top and jeans on the park with happy hug day an rose and a on,wearing a white hoodie with name “Rajan ” boy, with back background with big capital letter nam” Rajan “, loveng mood, realistic


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Look, if you don’t have a creative mind on Instagram, then you should understand that you can never go viral. For example, just look at these photos. Now look, some people will feel ashamed even in this. I can add. Then don’t do anything like this in today’s time because if you want to be on social media today, then you will not have to forget shame, because such photos are a normal thing now. In this, the girl is standing behind you and you are standing in it a little better. What is there to be ashamed about in this. Still, if you don’t want to create a photo, there is no problem, you don’t do it. But those who want to create, I want to tell them.

Look, first create a photo on this and then create a video. I can say with a guarantee that your reel will 100% go viral. Select a name such that there will be more boys with that name. It is not that you keep such a name that your name does not match with anyone. This reduces the chances of going viral a little. That’s why I say that you should keep such a name which is more prevalent among a few people.


How To Create 3D Ai Girls Hugging With Boy Image Generator

And how will we create the photo? What will we do to create the photo? First of all, our prompt. We will need that, so here we have a photo in the form of a photo. I have placed it at the top. There is another type of photo in the second. That too is a couple photo, so if you like couple photos then you can select that, otherwise you can select the single one, so select the first one, it is best. After that, you have to copy it below that. After copying, you have to go to the Bing Image Creator website. You can also go by searching, by the way, I have given the link to the website in the red color button. You can go there by clicking on it, paste the prompt there and create it. Your image will be ready.

Now see what I am thinking next. Right now I am thinking that the prompt that I give you to copy. I will set it up in such a way that you will just click on create there. You will go directly to that page. With that prompt and as you go there. You just have to change your name in that prompt. Then your image will be created. So if you want this process, you should tell us because this is a new process. It will take a lot of time for people to understand and what I understand right now is the old process, so everyone knows it.

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The new image creation I have taught you is a very unique image. I am just generating new ones on Instagram. You should explore and understand the new things that happen. Brother, look, yes it hasn’t come yet, it has gone now, so be assured because look, whatever new thing is coming gradually, it is going viral and people are liking it a lot.

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