Alight motion custom fonts download

Alight motion custom fonts download | Alight motion stylish fonts download


Hello everyone how are you all welcome to our website Rajan Edit and now in this article I am bringing for you Alight motion custom fonts download As you tell people, you use alight Motion and you create your status videos in it, which are status videos with lyrics, then you need fonts for that and in that too you need stylish fonts. If needed, you will get all of them absolutely free of cost on our website. Like you are going to get in this article, if you want more fonts, then go to the simple category and from there you can download them.

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How to extract fonts zip

You will get different zip of all fonts, to extract them, download zarchiver application from Play Store. After that you open this application it will look like a file manager. Simply you have to go to the folder where you have downloaded that zip. Now what you have to do is select it and you will get the option of extract. You simply click on it and all those fonts will be extracted from you, then you can use them.

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How to use Alight motion custom fonts in your phone –

Friends, how can you use these fonts in your application? Let me tell you what you have to do first. Download this zip file and then how do you extract it? You will be told in this article. What to do now before that. You simply have to open your alight motion application. Then you have to go to the text option and write whatever text you want there, after that you have to go to import text and go to fonts. From there you go to import and you go to your file manager and from there select all the fonts and import them. After importing, you can now select your fonts and use them.

Alight motion custom fonts download
Alight motion custom fonts download

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How to use font in PC –

To use these fonts in your computer you need to follow these steps
download these fonts from above button
find this font in the downloaded folder
double click on the font file

Alight motion custom fonts download

What to do first to download? Below you will find a download fonts which is a button. You just have to click on it and wait for some time. Then you will get a single file. You will find a button download button above that zip. You just click on it and your download will start. Then you can extract it and use it.

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