15 August Alight Motion Presets

15 August Alight Motion Presets | 15 August Reels Editing

Alight motion presets

Friends, I just uploaded a video on YouTube, on which I have told how you can do video editing on 15th August. If you want to do this video editing then how will you do it then in today’s article I have brought for you 15 August Alight Motion Presets. You can download the stock of these reels from our website. I have put the entire video of this on my youtube channel. If you haven’t seen then go and watch this video it will be clear to you.

15 August Alight Motion Presets

Friends, it takes a lot of hard work to make this reel, so what to do, you must like our video and friends, this one is going to happen on August 15, in which your hands will be engaged and it will be waving. If this is your photo, it means that by putting your animation in a photo, it will be converted into a video and I have told you all this process on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen then go and watch that video because it is very knowable video and here I have given both his and stock things.

   15 august capcut template link

Alight Motion Presets

How do you guys edit this? I told in the video to edit, but still tell a little bit. Let’s see, I have given a stock video here, so first of all you have to take your photo in which you have taken the flag of August 15 upwards. What should you do after that? You have to open that photo in motion lip. What should you do in that? Insert animation. If you put flag animation, it will look like your flag is waving in the sky and it will be amazing to see. After that what to do now, from there you have to export that video. Then you have to open the alight motion application and here you have added its xml. You have to add any project file and after that you have to do editing, then how will you do editing, they also tell you.

15 August Alight Motion Presets
15 August Alight Motion Presets

How To Use 15 August Alight Motion Presets

  1. What you have to do is simple to start editing in alight Motion. You have to add either the project file or the xml file from the sample. Both of these are preset, so when you add one of the two, it will show you all the things there. Meaning he has been told which things to upload and where, like where to download the background. Where did you put the png and where is it. You have uploaded the video. All these things will be told in that. Just click on there and replace the media and if not all this, then when you simply add the project file, then you will see all the things like photos etc. What you have to do is simple. You just have to replace it after seeing it.

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Download All Stocks

To download, see below I have given the link of the stock. Everything works fine via the button written there and it stops the download. After that you will see two more buttons below which will get the XML presets from Alight Motion in your Google Drive. Then get the project file link directly. So just download the project file whatever you like  .

   download all stock

  xml file download

   project file link

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